The Ordinary and The Odd is a book from artist and illustrator , Swen Swenson. Swenson's use of simple and minimilst illustrations, evoking playful and sometimes odd encounters is a pleasure for any viewer of his work. His style is instantly recognisable and each image conjures the imagination to create stories that can be both quirky and also calming. In this book we see Swenson encapsulate a variety of themes including: urban landscape, nature, transport and engineering and human life. Through subtle and peaceful tones, each image touches on a quiet moment that is perhaps contrasted with a surprising twist or sense of anticipation. Graphic illustration is ever more present in our visual world and media. Characters and scenes depicted are relatable to a wide audience and Swenson's work is relates to our lives through recognisable content in his art, requiring us to stay still, consider the scene and reflect.

Includes published and unpublished works
hardcover – 96 pages – matte paper
color illustration 
W170 x H230 – 1 kg – english
Isbn – 9789187815362

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